Purchase Issues
Can I get tokens using fiat currency?

Sure! You can check full information and view the list of available exchanges via the link.

Can I buy Largo Coin using the Largo platform?

Yes! You can do it in your personal account via the link.

Have you already been listed on some exchanges?

Yes, you can check them at the EXCHANGES section.

Wallet Issues
Where can I download the wallet?

You can download the desktop and mobile version of the wallet on the "WALLET" page.

I can’t open the desktop application, help me!

The most common reason is your antivirus software. Try to disable it or add Largo Coin wallet. If it doesn’t help, contact us at [email protected]

Technical Questions
What is Largo Coin built on?

Largo Coin is built on a robust infrastructure powered by a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm. Proof-of-Stake is the technical blockchain term used to refer to the concept in which a user (cryptocurrency holder) is chosen to validate blocks of transactions on the network based on the number of coins they have staked. Proof-of-Stake is a type of consensus mechanism in which users of a blockchain-based network are required to freeze some volumes of their coins to have a chance of being chosen to verify transactions in a block.

What is a masternode?

A Masternode is a network’s full node or computer wallet that stores the up-to-date full copy of the distributed ledger in real time. However, Masternodes serve a considerably different set of functions as compared to regular nodes. The key factors that make Masternodes differ are the particular functions they perform besides storing the ledger and completing blocks of transactions in the blockchain.

How does the Largo Coin mining/minting and emission model work?

In the first year of launch, a significant volume (roughly 20%) of the emission of Largo Coins will be minted. After the first year, the block rewards will be gradually reduced every year to compensate the effects of inflation, increase the potential for market price growth of Largo Coin, and reduce the selling pressure on the exchanges. The total emission will be limited to 200,000,000 LRGs.