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Largo Coin Limited (Largo) anchors the way it interacts with partners by the principle of ensuring continuous operation of partner companies and making private investors’ funds totally secure. These two tasks are top-of-mind concerns so Largo engages in various projects across the globe.

Both newly-minted startups and long-standing projects have a need for support and enhancing their positions in the open market. To help them with that, Largo offers its warrantor services.

For the first time in global practice, warranting employs a dedicated cryptocurrency as a tool. Just like other digital currencies, this one is circulating on exchanges, being highly-valued and rather volatile due to everlasting demand from traders and one-of-a-kind use case as warranties. In its turn, when cooperating with partner companies, Largo makes use of its assets to act as a warrantor in partners’ workflows, earning on those services. Such warranting constitutes a legitimate investor relations method.

Though Largo formally comes into line with businesses, it actually interacts with individuals. Participating in investment endeavours of various enterprises, private investors create a personal crypto wallet. Thus, right after they sign the agreement, they are provided with warranties secured by Largo Coin.

On request from a partner company, Largo transfers coins to an investor’s personal wallet, with the amount precisely corresponding to the investment value (at Largo Coin’s market price effective on the day of agreement signing). Such a procedure is carried out under the partnership agreement between the companies, while the investor becomes eligible for the warranties after agreeing to the terms of the warranty agreement. This trilateral agreement helps minimise investment risks.

The funds kept on the personal crypto wallet remain the investor’s property until the partner company fulfils all its commitments under the agreement. The investor is not allowed to withdraw the warranty funds from the wallet for longer than 12 hours; otherwise, it will be deemed they used the warranties. Per the terms of the investment agreement and warranty agreement, the latter will be unilaterally terminated. If the investor needs to use a warranty, their funds will be kept secure: at their own discretion and with the help of exchange services, they may exchange Largo Coins for any currency. This is exactly how this unique warranty instrument works.

Process integrity and compliance monitoring are ensured by the automated system that checks the presence of coins on investors’ personal wallets every hour. Any cryptocurrency allows this, so that’s not what distinguishes Largo Coin. On the other hand, no system or company can affect or control the funds stored on individuals’ wallets.

Partner companies operate in various jurisdictions, under the law of countries they are located in. Their activities are carried out in a lawful manner, but without regard to insurance, warranty, or cryptocurrency regulations — Largo covers all these obligations and liabilities. This warranty type is not regulated by jurisdictions or authorities as Largo is not an insurance firm. Instead, the company provides its property for temporary use, which makes its services similar to lease.

Largo has no agreement-based relations with individuals (investors), so they are protected against any stress from authorities. Speaking of partner companies, Largo cooperates with them under traditional commercial agreements (which is not prohibited anywhere).

Largo Coin Limited is based in Hong Kong, so it works in compliance with local law and business traditions. In view of this, private investors are at full legal liberty to use cryptocurrencies, no matter where they are. Hongkongese government has been implementing cryptocurrency handling systems for quite long, considering them a reliable financial tool appropriate for use by commercial banks and public institutions. The cryptocurrency titled Largo Coin is issued with adherence to all standards and rules, thus being fully legitimate in Hong Kong.

The investor, just like any other individual, has a right to keep, use, and own any cryptocurrencies. Almost all jurisdictions allow such a practice. Meanwhile, those countries that go with the tides have already declared cryptocurrencies legal on the governmental and banking system levels and allowed regulated circulation thereof in financial markets.

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