Largo Coin Wallet

Largo Foundation has developed its own sophisticated multi-platform software, Largo Wallet, that will be available in desktop, mobile, and web versions, all ensuring convenient use, easy transfer, security, and financial sovereignty of Largo Coin holders. Largo Wallet stands out from other wallet solutions with its smooth user experience and seamless operation. Thanks to the infrastructure powering Largo Wallet it is available to everyone for free 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

For Customers

Private finance has never been as accessible as with Largo Coin. Bitcoin laid down the foundation and Largo Coin perfected the user experience to be suitable for users of any skill and knowledge.

Financial sovereignty

Since there’s no central authority or bank controlling the issue and operation of Largo Coin your transactions are safe and independent and no one can restrict your financial freedom.

Smooth ready-to-use UX

There’s no need to spend hours installing and setting up complex tools to use Largo Coin. Private users can use it just like any traditional everyday service.

High security

Robust infrastructure and economic incentivization of all the critical participants of the ecosystem make Largo Coin the best choice for everyone who values reliability and security.


In today’s world, time efficiency of service is a critical competitive advantage — one that Largo Coin cherishes. Instant transactions are not a luxury. They are the necessity that which Largo Coin provides to everyone.

For Business

Largo Coin is also the perfect instrument to create trust in retail, both B2C and C2C. Using it to ensure deals or a escrow deposit opens a whole new range of opportunities to optimize old business processes for companies and clients alike :

  • Low transaction costs;
  • High-speed operation of all infrastructure components;
  • Easy and almost infinite scalability;
  • Robustness, reliability, and security;
  • Versatility (supports virtually any end-use).
For Investors

A crypto market is a new thing but already seems very promising. Largo Coin is one of the leading products that will take up a solid share of it because of the state-of-the-art technology powering it and an economic model that is meant to be sustainable even in an extremely volatile market. Its limited supply and masternode capability are fundamental factors driving Largo ecosystem’s growth. This makes it an ideal financial instrument for investors of any level of experience.